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Coding for kids is a fundamentally creative process, starting with nothing and finishing with something.
Learning to code helps students better understand one aspect of the digital world in which we live and, in some ways, become better prepared for the future.

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We Develop Thinking Skills

Learn storytelling,nursery rhymes and fun games through coding using online and offline method.

We cover MIT syllabus,follow global curriculum.

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About Ruchi

A passionate software engineer with over ten years of work experience in Dubai, India and Singapore
with various MNCs, trained by NUS and AI Singapore, mother of two has evolved creative ways
of introducing children to the world of programming.

As AI for kid's trainer.

Trained by
NUS Business School

Some Frequently Asked Questions

Coding at a young age is important because much like learning a foreign language,
a child’s brain more plastically picks up and integrates the skill.

Focus is on play and exploration, not work. Children are engaged because coding unleashes imagination.

Kids as young as 6 years of age can start coding and learning programming basics.
In fact, coding for kids has gained popularity
rapidly in recent years as technology becomes increasingly part of everyday life. 

Almost any laptop on the market is suitable for your child to use at Devyatech Classes. If it has a keyboard, screen, WiFi, and runs Windows, OSX, or a Linux flavour, it’s more than sufficient for use.

Great Words About Devyatech

What our students say about us


Siho also said it is challenging but interesting ….thanks for the great class…


Travis really enjoyed the class !
Thank you so much

Shaili (Parent)

Hi Ruchi,
The classes were conducted well with progressive assignments and projects targeted daily.
My son enjoyed the class and certainly, learnt.-it was also good to see that he was trying different things at home.
You made it interesting for the kids enough that they wanted to push themselves later as well.

Akansha (Parent)

Ok so Ranvir says the projects you have were very cool and he liked that he got to make games and use how to apply scratch blocks in different way.


Rishaan only has good feedback and he has enjoyed the camp. – Parent